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At the moment, our company is ready to offer transformers TM, TMG and TSL own production. Transformers are manufactured on the newest high-quality equipment of foreign manufacture.

The transformer core is assembled according to the step-lap charge-sharing scheme, which, at the moment, is one of the most modern automated magnetic core manufacturing technologies. To reduce the loss of h.x. and reducing the noise level of the transformer, a special cut is used on the line "LAE", the method of step-lap blasting with the use of bandages, studs and special glues, and the plant uses only high-quality steel from leading manufacturers.

Automated cutting line provides the package readiness of cut electrotechnical steel sheets. Installations that ensure the distribution of finished sheets of packages provide a significant reduction in the laboriousness of assembly work on the tables of assembling magnets.

High-quality cutting technique ensures excellent cleanliness of the end faces of the sheets, which also gives an improvement in performance and an increase in the service life of the transformer.
All insulating elements of the transformer, capable of containing moisture, are dried in a fully automated thermo-vacuum chamber. Loading and unloading the camera is done using a specialized platform.
All transformers produced by JSC "Electrograd" undergo a full range of tests in accordance with applicable standards without exception.

The use of a modern automated laboratory that completely eliminates errors associated with the "human factor" and greatly improves the accuracy and speed of testing allows one to speak of the highest degree of quality of all transformer products "Electrograd". Testing laboratory having the ability to carry out tests with a voltage of up to 100 kV allows to subject transformers of voltage classes up to and including 35 kV inclusive to a complete test set.

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