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At manufacturing of magnetic cores for (core) transformers, our company uses an anisotropic electrical steel grades 3408, 3409 (Russian State Standard GOST 21427.1) and NV30S-100L, NV23S-100L, NV27S-100L (NLMK Technical conditions TU 14-106-769) production of PLC "NLMK"..  

Availability of the modern LAE line of automatic cutting and packaging of electrical steel, use of high-quality electrical steel in combination with an advanced method of blending STEP-LAP - allows to manufacture magnetic cores for the most demanding customers, both domestic and foreign. Upon request, the magnetic core can be supplied as assembled, and in packets.

Video of LAE TE 45

Our company "Technograd" uses a transverse cutting line LAE TE 45. Эта линия предназначена для порезки рулонов электротехнической стали на пластины из которых собирают магнитопровод с системой Step Lap до максимальной ширины листа 450мм. This cutting line is designed for cutting electrical steel rolls on plates, from which magnetic cores are assembled using system Step-Lep to the maximum width of 450mm. Cutting line LAE TE 45 is suitable for production of cores for power transformers ranging from 160 to 6300 kVA.

Automated cutting line provides a packet readiness of chopped electrical steel sheets. Plant provides the distribution of finished sheets on the packages, providing a significant reduction in the complexity of assembly work on the magnet assembly tables.

High quality materials and tools provides excellent cleanliness and lack of burrs on the end faces of the sheets, which gives improved performance and will increase operating life of the transformer. 

The machines in our company allows to produce the magnetic cores of the following structures - step-lep 11 / step-lep 21 / step-lep 31

Sheet width 40/450mm
Sheet thickness 0,23/0,35mm
Hallmarks for punching 11 and 16mm

Also, our company offers three options for cutting services:

  1. FULLY ASSEMBLED - Cutting and assembling the magnetic core together with beams
  2. PRE-STACKED LAMINATIONS - Cutting and assembling in packages, each package is given a stepped shape
  3. CUT THE LENGTH LAMINATIONS - Cutting plates of different width, but without assembly in packages with a stepped profile. Each packet of its width is packed and shipped  

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In the request, please indicate the version of the assembly, Step-Lep and parameters.

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