Repair and maintenance of power transformers

List of works

for oil-filled transformers, performed by mobile teams:

· Assinovka transformer.
· Roll-out of the transformer from the cell.
· The rigging of the transformer.
· Draining and filling of transformer oil in a container.
· Replacement of all rubber seals.
· Jelly of leaks.
· Dismantling, repair or replacement, montazhkomplekt of the transformer units: extender, radiator,fans, butterfly valves, current transformers, pereklokayutsia WSP, exhaust pipes, inlets NN, bushings.
· Replacement selikogelya.
· Replacement of bushings.
· Dismantling and mounting of the removable part of the tank cover or bell.
· Replacement of the transformer windings, rasshifrovka - through blending of the magnetic circuit.
· Repair of active part of transformer: pre-pressing the magnetic core; pre-pressing of transformer windings to the estimated effort; continuity test insulation elements of the active part and the magnetic circuit izolirovka allotment, close-fitting fasteners.
· Replacement or refilling of transformer oil;
· Verification and if necessary, replacement of control equipment: gas and jet relays, termoregulation.
· Regeneration of transformer oil,purification, drying, degassing of the oil.
· Washing of the active part of aging products,vacuum drying transformer insulation.
· Cleaning, degreasing, and painting of the transformer.
· Conducting post-repair testing of transformer and oil tests.
· Preparation of the technical report of the repair of the transformer.

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