The manufactured products of the company is based in manufacturing custom made according to exclusive order this to us or prepared by us documentation.

We fulfill orders in small (10 to 500 items) medium (500pcs to 5,000 PCs) or large (over 5000 pieces) volumes, mass production.

All products are made by machining with the use of CNC machines.

Laser cutting
is a modern method of sheet metal processing, the unprecedented quality of the finished items. This short time of the process, which reduces the cost of the service for the customer. High precision cutting provides system equipment - world leaders in solutions for metal processing.

Thanks to modern machinery , we offer
bending sheet metal parts with thickness up to 8 mm ( length 1 meter) and up to 4mm in length up to 3 meters. This allows you to perform different items of varying degrees of difficulty.

Experience and modern line LK and the polymer coating allows us to provide services at the highest level. Painted items and structures made of steel be aesthetic and durable in use.

Offer sandblasting is cleaning the surface with compressed air with the addition of hard particles. The effect of sandblasting is similar to grinding, with the fact that the cleaned surface is flat and smooth, and the critical place - not a problem (corners, curves). This method is great for removing old coatings from metal surfaces.

Our machinery allows us to produce complex and accurate components.

We produce items from materials such as:




stainless steel

Through collaboration and cooperation we have the opportunity to cover parts plated, and the application of the polymer coating. We perform the installation.

We offer services line cutting electrical steel company LAE srl of THOSE type-45, which is used for assembling of cores of magnetic cores of power transformers.

The line of automated cutting ensures batch readiness cut electrical steel sheets. Setting the distribution of the finished sheets in packages provides a significant reduction of labor intensity on the tables for the Assembly of magnets.

We go to the market with the offer of a basic prefabricated transformer manufacturing – magnetic and (or) ready assembled the core of the transformer.

The line provides the possibility of assembling a magnetic circuit packages with width from 40 to 450 mm and a height set to 400 mm and with the possibility of perforation (perforation diameter 11mm and 16mm, and running from 200 to 850 mm.) or without it.

The magnetic transformer is made of cold-rolled steel plates according to the diagram blending step-lap, the calculating circuits 11, 21 and 31

Producing our products, we work closely with representatives of various industries.

Among the largest recipients include such industries as:

electricity supply

the transformer industry

furniture (terminals, doors, shelves, racks, fences, etc.)

decoration (decorative elements, stairs,walls, doors, etc.)

and many others.

We also provide services in the field of mechanical works.

We carry out repair and maintenance of oil-immersed power transformers,mobile teams.

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