Magnetic system (magnetic core) of the transformer is made of electrical steel, permalloy, ferrite, or other ferromagnetic material in a specific geometric shape. Designed to locate it in the main magnetic field of the transformer.

The magnetic core depending on the material and design can be drawn from the plates, pressed, be wound from a thin ribbon assembled from 2, 4 or more "horseshoes." The magnetic system is fully assembled, together with all nodes and details that serve to bond the individual parts into a single structure called the core of the transformer.

We implements the project of transformerproduction. Transformer manufacture is anew direction of activity of the enterprise, but despite this, the companyrapidly develops new markets and products. According to the program of theproject transformer production, the enterprise made purchases of specializedequipment for the production of power transformers including automatic linecutting electrical steel company LAE srl.

Line cutting company srl LAE of THE type-45 was designed for cutting electrical steel, which isused for assembling of cores of magnetic circuits of power transformers.

The cutting lineconsists of various machines that perform all the functions required for waferproduction and managed the control software in automatic mode.

The line has a veryhigh level of performance (speed of feed belt:up to 270 m/min), which leads to saturation of the magnetic systems of its ownproduction. For optimization of the technological process, and need some timefor development of other Assembly capacity to absorb 100% of the line capacity,our company enters the market withthe proposal of implementation of the basic prefabricated transformerproduction – magnetic and (or) ready assembled transformer core.

The line providesthe possibility of assembling a magnetic circuit with the package width from 40 to 450 mm and height set to 400 mm and withthe possibility of perforation (the diameter of perforation 11mm and 16mm, andprogress from 200 to 850mm.) or without it.

The magneticcircuit of the transformer is made of cold-rolled steel plates according to thescheme of blending step-lap, the schemes of blending 11, 21 and 31.

Today it is the most advanced automated technology formanufacturing magnetic cores of transformers. The use of high-quality steel forthe manufacture of the magnetic circuit reduces no-load losses and reducedtransformer noise.

Automated cuttingline ensures batch readiness cut electrical steel sheets. Setup distributionlists on the packages provides a significant reduction in the complexity ofwork on the tables for the Assembly of magnets. High precision cutting of steelsheets to specified size with low levels of uncertainty maintains minimumclearances between the plates, which also leads to improved characteristics ofthe magnetic system and reduce no-load losses.

Based on the above,we suggest You consider our proposal for production and delivery to Youraddress magnetic systems (magnetic circuits) and (or) collected the skeletonsof dry and oil power transformers for General industrial use.

2.50€ / kg
At manufacturing of magnetic cores for (core) transformers, our company uses an anisotro..
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