The company offers the following range of services:

Repair and maintenance of power oil-filled transformers:

On the basis of the plant, the production of power transformers will carry out capital and current repairs of power transformers with a capacity of up to 10 MVA with voltage up to 35 kV inclusive at the place of their installation with replacement and without replacement of windings by visiting teams of qualified and experienced specialists using high-tech equipment and equipment.

Turning, Milling, Matalling of any complexity!

We use CNC-controlled machine tools.

We work according to the drawings of the Customer, as well as the technical service will always render services in the creation of 3D model and drawings, consultation in the selection of material.

We have 11 versatile machine tools:

· Laser cutting systems Bystronic Byspeed (Switzerland),

· Combined scissors Finn Power SG-6 (Finland),

· Trumatic TC3000R co-ordinate punching machine Trumpf (Germany),

· Finn Power bending machines, Bystronic Beyler and Hammerley,

· Vertically milling, turning and milling CNC (Taiwan), Electro-erosive CW-30,

We will meet the deadlines and qualitatively:

V combined stamping,

V laser cutting,

V bending of sheet blanks,

V milling,

V Turning works,

V machining at an EDM with high precision machining.
Polymer coating - Do you want to protect metal surfaces - Polymer Coating.
There was corrosion on the metal - POLYMER - This is the most effective and modern way to combat corrosion !!

Preparation (sand blasting, degreasing, phosphating)

Powder paint spraying, furnace temperature treatment

Cooling and ready painting for 24 hours !!!

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